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Fish Schooling

Fish Schooling, how does it work. Car accidents kill more than one million people and injure approximately 50 million each year. Yet, millions of fish can swim together in a school with virtually no collisions. How do fish do it, and what can they teach us about how to reduce car crashes? Consider: Schooling fish learn about […]

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The Bar-Tailed Godwit

   WAS IT DESIGNED THE bar-tailed godwit makes one of the most amazing migrations known to man. The bird’s 7,000-mile (11,000 km) journey can take more than eight days. Consider: Researchers speculate that some types of birds use the earth’s magnetic field for navigation, as if they had a compass built into their brain. It is possible […]

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Tail Of The Agama Lizard

WAS IT DESIGNED? The Tail of the Agama Lizard THE agama jumps from a horizontal surface onto a vertical wall with ease. But if that surface is slippery, the lizard loses its footing, yet it still makes a successful landing on the wall. How? The secret is in the lizard’s tail. Consider: When agamas jump from […]

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The Black Fire Beetle (Your book report)

The Sensors of the Black Fire Beetle Forest fires repel most animals, but they attract black fire beetles. Why? Because newly burned trees are an ideal place for these insects to lay their eggs. Furthermore, fire drives away predators, leaving the beetle free to eat, mate, and lay eggs safely. But how do black fire […]

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