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Questions all young people want to know the answers to.

Should I Quit School?

Here’s what you need to think about What is the minimum schooling that the law in your area requires? Have you reached that stage yet  Have you achieved your educational goals? What are the goals that you want your education to help you achieve? Not sure? You need to know! Otherwise, you’re like a train passenger who […]

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What If I Just Don’t Fit In?

  What you can do First, identify the type of people you find it most challenging to fit in with. Age: I don’t fit in with . . . peers older youths adults Performance: I don’t fit in with people who are . . . athletic talented intellectual Personality: I don’t fit in with people who […]

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How Can I Get Along With My Teacher?

How can I get along with my teacher> Stop and think! Consider Rachel’s experience. Rachel had been receiving A’s and B’s on her report cards. Then, when she reached grade 7, things changed. “My teacher did everything he could to make me fail his class,” says Rachel. What was the problem? The teacher made it obvious […]

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What If I’m Being Bullied

 What is bullying?  Why do people bully others?  Who is most likely to be a target?  What can you do if you’re bullied? Also, read  tips from your peers and  a teacher’s comments about bullying, and take our  bullying quiz. Bullying is no trivial matter. A British study found that more than 40 percent of the youth suicides reported in […]

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I Don’t Like School

Here’s what you need A positive view of learning. Try to see the big picture. Not everything in your curriculum may seem relevant—at least not now. Still, an education in a variety of subjects will enrich your understanding of the world around you. It will help you to “become all things to people of all […]

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