Q & A


Question: Is the mural still prepasted  if I  remove it and hang it again?

Answer: There is still paste left on the back, but may not be enough especially if you hung your mural on a latex painted wall the first time.  I recommend BONDEX ADHESIVE (blue label)  for prepasted wallpaper. It is sold at  Home Depot.  Apply it to the wall before you hang  your strip.  And yes you could hang it a third time if you use the adhesive I recommended. These beautiful wall murals for kids rooms will delight and educate your child.

Question: Will the seams show?  I am not a professional paper hanger.

Answer:  No, they will not and here is why.  The reason why white seams appear often a few hours after you are finished, is that the paper shrinks by a fraction of an inch.  This is enough to show an undesirable white line.  Our mural are printed in such a way the the last 1/4″ of a strip is identical to the first  1/4″ of the following strip.  So you overlap by a 1/4″ .  To make the seams even more invisible always start at the far end of the room.  For instance, as you come in a room, if you install a mural on the left wall, you will hang from right to left, whereas the right wall will be hung from left to right.